The Kinect is Stupid, For Now

When the Kinect was first announced for the Xbox 360 a few years ago, people were genuinely interested to see what Microsoft was going to do with it.  Needless to say, we were all disappointed.  Maybe Kinectimals is a great game (it is the highest-selling game for Xbox 360 after all), but I have less than zero interest in playing it, ever.

[youtube id=”MsZSOkEOKvY” width=”618″ height=”378″]

But since the Kinect first launched, countless homebrew mods of it have made their way to the internet, proving that as a piece of hardware at least, the Kinect is a very powerful tool.  Despite the potential behind the Kinect, it seems like Microsoft will be continuing the trend of under-utilizing it with the Xbox One.  That said, Microsoft has another project in development called Illumiroom that might just be amazing if they use it properly.

Of course, there’s also Google Glass.  I covered Google’s latest dabble in real-world interfacing a while back when it was first announced and boy oh boy was I excited to see what it really could do.  Despite proving to be more or less a cumbersome way to interact with your email notifications, Google Glass has some serious potential as a technology, especially for gaming and digitizing the real world.

The way I see it, the convergence of all these technologies, Google Glass, Kinect, Illumiroom, and even the Oculos Rift, is coming in the very near future to your handheld quad-core computer/smartphone.  I know the more pervasive and broad-reaching technology becomes, the lazier we seem to get, but you can bet that I’ll be riding the gaming via Kinect IllumiGlass train as soon as it leaves the station.

If you think LARPing and Paintball is fun now, wait until you’re gunning down Spetsnaz and slaying dragons in your backyard.

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