Titanfall Burn Cards In-Depth – Hidden Effects, Abilities, and Deck Management

As you know, there are a lot of Burn Cards in Titanfall, – 50, to be exact.

Each grants a different ability, three of which can be equipped to bring with you into any given match. Once activated, you will only benefit from a card’s ability for the duration of one life, meaning that it’s important to pick the right card at the right moment.

But with 50 cards to choose from, managing them all, learning what each one actually does, and figuring out when to use them can be a bit tricky, especially for the more casual player. That’s why YouTube personality belthazor3457 has put together a helpful video telling you everything you need to know about Burn Cards in Titanfall.

He describes it as “A guide to the effects (including unlisted effects such as reusability) of burn cards and general tips on their effective use + management of your deck.”

So, check it out and tell us if you learned anything new in the comments below!

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