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Titanfall 2 PC Player Count Skyrockets After Being Released on Steam News 4

News 4 With EA now releasing games on Steam, it seems this has revived some of the older games released this generation. One of these said games is Respawn’s Titanfall 2, as the the Titanfall 2 PC player count has skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Over on Reddit, the official PlayTracker account was attributed since […]

Respawn Developed a Titanfall 2 Battle Royale Prototype Called Survivor Before Apex Legends News 0

News 0 Before Respawn Entertainment took a dive in the battle royale genre with Apex Legends, they had been working on some prototypes within Titanfall 2 that dabbled in the idea of one life, one victor. One of those ideas was influenced by the Hunger Games and  this Titanfall 2 battle royale prototype was called called “Survivor.” […]

Drew McCoy And Jon Shiring Talks About Leaving Respawn to Form Gravity Well News 0

News 0 In case you missed the news last week, former Infinity Ward (Call of Duty) and Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) devs Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring have started a new studio called “Gravity Well.” While they aren’t quite so ready to discuss exactly what they’re working on, both have taken to a recent podcast to discuss their time at Respawn Entertainment. The interview […]

Respawn Confirms No New Titanfall Game in Development, DICE LA Most Likely Developing a Shooter News 0

News 0 Titanfall fans, I hate to be the bearer of bad news given I’m a huge fan of the franchise, but don’t expect a new Titanfall game anytime soon. Backing up what a Respawn Entertainment dev said last year, Respawn boss Vince Zampella confirmed that no new Titanfall game is being developed. Speaking in an interview […]

Titanfall 2 Effect and Cause Making Of Video Breaks Down the Game’s Best Level News 0

News 0 If you played Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign (and you should since it’s friggin’ amazing), you no doubt remember the “Effect and Cause” level. Before you read any further, we’ll be diving into spoiler territory here regarding the Titanfall 2 Effect and Cause stage, so proceed at your own discretion, alright? The Effect and Cause level […]

Best Multiplayer Shooters of the Decade News 3

News 3 While we already posted a ranking for the best Call of Duty multiplayer and Battlefield games released this decade, we’re not stopping there. If you’re curious which shooters stood out the most this past decade (2010-2019) for us here on MP1st, then this best multiplayer shooters list should answer that. Note that this list is […]

Titanfall 2 PS4 Player Count Explodes Due to PS+, Now at Over 80K News 3

News 3 In case you didn’t know, Titanfall 2 is this December’s big freebie for PlayStation Plus members. While that in itself is big news, it seems this has caused the Titanfall PS4 player count to explode (who’d have thought people would like free stuff, right?). While Titanfall 2 has a fantastic (and I do mean FANTASTIC) […]

Apex Legends Upcoming Fixes Outlined, Future Titanfall Games Pushed Back News 0

News 0 Are you an Apex Legends player and want a more updates from Respawn and what’s coming in the future? If so, you’re in luck! Well, sort of. In a new post on EA’s website, Respawn has outlined the Apex Legends upcoming fixes and items Respawn is working on, though it’ll come with a price. The […]

Titanfall 2 Player Count Sees Huge Spike on All Platforms Due to Apex Legends’ Release News 0

News 0 This year’s big gaming darling seems to be Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game set within the Titanfall universe. While Apex Legends seems to be taking names, and is a huge success for both EA, and Respawn, some might have forgotten that Titanfall 2 is a pretty badass game in itself. Thankfully, […]

Apex Legends – Should Titanfall Fans Feel Betrayed? News 1

News 1 (Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this article is that solely of the author’s and does not represent the views of the entire MP1st staff) The Titanfall community appears to be having its own little civil war, with fans being split between either hating or loving Respawns recent release, Apex Legends. Rumor – There’s A […]

EA: “Premium” and “New Twist” Take on Titanfall Universe Coming Later This Year News 1

News 1 While Respawn has just released Apex Legends, and confirmed that Titanfall 3 isn’t in active development, it seems we’re still going to get something Titanfall-related later this year. This was revealed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during the publisher’s latest earnings call. In it, Wilson confirms that this “new twist” on the Titanfall universe will […]

Respawn Says They’re Not Making Titanfall 3 News 0

News 0 While Respawn has posted job ads pertaining to what we assumed is for Titanfall 3, and Titanfall 2 fared very well critically (currently at 89 on Metacritic), it seems we won’t be getting Titanfall 3 anytime soon. Respawn Lead Producer Drew McCoy confirmed this little factoid in a new interview with Eurogamer regarding the studio’s […]

Here’s Our First Look at Apex Legends Gameplay and It Looks Fantastic News 3

News 3 As expected from yesterday’s confirmation, Apex Legends is now a reality! Respawn has started a “teaser” stream, which is our first look at Apex Legends gameplay! Check out each snippet of Apex Legends gameplay below. Looks good, no? It’s like Call of Duty or Titanfall but without the jumping and such.

Apex Legends Battle Royale Game Based in Titanfall Universe Confirmed, Will Debut Tomorrow News 0

News 0 To no one’s surprise, Apex Legends, the battle royale game based on the Titanfall universe, is real! Over on Twitter, the official Respawn account has updated its profile cover image with the Apex Legends logo. If that wasn’t enough, Geoff Keighley has also tweeted its existence as well. APEX LEGENDS incoming: Tomorrow after the #Superbowl […]

Report: New Titanfall Battle Royale Game to Be Released This Coming Monday, Will Be F2P (Update) News 6

News 6 Update: To further add to this rumor’s legitimacy, it seems EA has trademarked “Apex Legend” and yep, you guessed it, for “computer game software.” Odds are, we’ll get a trailer later soon or something, which we’ll post if ever we do. Original Story: Who doesn’t like megaton rumors? Well, it seems we have one now […]

Respawn Hiring for Multiple Job Positions for Titanfall 3 News 3

News 3 While Respawn has a Star Wars game and an unannounced VR title brewing, the studio hasn’t forgotten about the Titanfall franchise. If you’re a fan of Titanfall 2 (like me!), then you’ll be glad to know that the studio has all-but-announced Titanfall 3 via the latest round of job postings! At EA’s website (via Gearnuke), […]

EA Has “Games” From Respawn That Are Slated to Launch by Next Holiday Season News 1

News 1 While we already know that Respawn Entertainment is hard at work on a game based on the Star Wars IP, could the studio be releasing more than one game in 2019? In EA’s quarterly financials earnings call, Andrew Wilson talked about EA’s current and upcoming games, and mentions how Respawn has games (with an S!) […]

Get Titanfall 2 New for Less Than $5 News 0

News 0 If you still haven’t played Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, then this is the perfect chance to try it! Newegg is selling the game at a super discounted price, and inputting the code “EMCPREU37” will drop the overall price of it to $4.50 brand new! Best to hurry though, since the sale is on for only […]

This Titanfall 2 Mod Is Both Awesome and Highly Inefficient News 1

News 1 There’s a lot of video game mods out there that either add more maps, weapons, or just give the game something the developers can’t or haven’t thought of. Well, this Titanfall 2 mod falls exactly in that category. If you ever wanted to do an actual punch in order for your Pilot to melee in […]

Titanfall 2 Update Sprints Out, Here’s What in It News 0

News 0 As reported by us the last week, the latest Titanfall 2 update is now live on all platforms! Clocking in at just 141MB, “Operation Endeavor,” which is what the patch is called, brings in new weapon skins, banners and more. Check out the full contents of the latest Titanfall 2 update. Elite Weapon Warpaints We […]

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