Titanfall 2 Down on Consoles Due to DDoS Attacks (Update)

Titanfall 2 down

While Apex Legends  got hacked over the weekend by people campaigning to “save Titanfall,” it seems it’s now Titanfall 2’s turn now, as Titanfall 2 down reports have surfaced on both PS4 and Xbox One!

Reports started earlier today, and unfortunately, it has not been fixed until now.

Titanfall 2 Down Reports:

Update (7/12/21): After a few days of issues, Titanfall 2 servers are now back up per Reddit! Go out there and soar, Pilots!

Update (7/9/21): In case you’re wondering, yes, servers are still having issues, and the Titanfall community has even pinned an announcement regarding it.

Titanfall 1 & 2: Can’t play? Read this! from titanfall

The DDOS shit has finally hit me here on east coast PS4 servers from titanfall

In addition to posts on Reddit, people have also vented on Twitter regarding the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, matchmaking issues and more:

While Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged the Apex Legends server issues a few days ago, there hasn’t been a statement regarding today’s Titanfall 2 outage.

If Titanfall 2 is working (or down) for you, let us know where you’re located and platform down in the comments. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon. We’ll be updating the post as more news surfaces.

Don’t forget, there’s a digital panel tomorrow where DICE and Respawn will be taking the stage to talk about the “Future of First-Person Shooters.” Maybe they’ll touch on the issues regarding Apex Legends’ and TItanfall 2’s server woes there.

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