Report: EA Cancels Unannounced Single-Player Titanfall Game Titled “Titanfall Legends”

EA single player titanfall cancel

A disappointing bit of news regarding EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall IP, as a new report revealed that the game studio secretly canceled a single-player game based on the franchise said to be titled “Titanfall Legends.” The game was reportedly in development for some time.

The secret, now-canceled Titanfall game was leaked by three people “familiar with the matter,” according to a Bloomberg article by reliable reporter on internal informationm Jason Schreier. Titanfall Legends or TFL for short, was supposed to be a single-player experience based on the Titanfall universe. Apex Legends, which is now Titanfall’s battle royale spinoff, was meant to be a sequel of the series before it morphed into the popular battle royale we know it as today, though the mobile version of the game is soon to shut down.

TFL was supposedly directed by Mohammad Alavi, a veteran designer who actually worked on the original Titanfall game as a motion capture artist. Alavi left Respawn last year in 2022, however. Following the cancelation of Titanfall Legends, management will attempt to find positions for all displaced staff who worked on the game, but will apparently lay off those who are unable to be placed.

Titanfall 2 was a well-received FPS game when it launched back in 2016, as it featured combat and graphics that amplified its short yet sweet single-player campaign. In fact, elements of Titanfall 2 were carried over to Apex Legends, such as its guns. There are more recent ties to the two games, like Ash and Valkyrie, but for the most part, the BR title has stood on its own two feet without relying heavily on Titanfall’s lore.

If the report is legitimate, then this is a sad day for Titanfall fans indeed.

Source: Bloomberg

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