What’s The Deal With Battlefield Hardline’s Weapon Attachments? Here’s a Nifty Guide

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If you’re like me and are always trying to squeeze the best possible performance out of your favorite weapons in Battlefield Hardline, you’ve probably already spent hours (and thousands of in-game dollars) experimenting with all sorts of different weapon attachment combinations, looking for the best fit for your gun and your play style.

Trouble is, Battlefield Hardline’s weapon attachment descriptions aren’t all that, well, descriptive. You might slap a particular barrel and grip combo on your M16A3 and say, ‘that feels about right.’ But are you really getting the best benefits possible? On top of that, there’s no way to test out any of the tech before spending your hard-earned cash, which can make experimentation an expensive ordeal.

Well, thanks to the wonderful fellows over at Symthic, there’s at least some info out there about what some of the weapon attachments in Battlefield Hardline actually do. Also, thanks to Battlefield YouTuber TheRussianBadger, you can find all that info in one nifty video guide, which we’ve included above.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty details, you can check out Symthic’s weapon attachment statistics page right here.

Have a look and you might just learn something. Also, be sure to share some of your successful weapon attachment combinations or class set ups in the comments below!