Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #4 (Dec. 30 – Jan 6) Reward: Lumber Enthusiast Weapon Charm

It’s that time of week again and that means a whole new set of challenges for players to complete in Battlefield 2042. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know and do to earn the Battlefield 2042 weekly reset challenge #4 (Dec. 30 – Jan 6) reward.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Reset Challenge #4 (Dec. 30 – Jan 6) (Preseason):

How to complete Battlefield 2042 Weekly (Dec. 30 – Jan 6) Challenge #3 (Preseason)

  •  2,000 damage inflicted – Reward 5000 XP
  •  2,000 teammates health replenish – Reward 5000 XP
  • 30 teammates revived – Reward 5000 XP

This week’s challenge is a little bit more difficult than past ones. While dealing damage and replenishing health should be no problem, it’s the reviving teammates one that players will most likely spend the most time on. Just be on the look out for downed players. As a pro tip, please don’t storm into a gunfight just to revive someone as it will certainly ensure immediate death to you and the revived player. Make sure everything is cleared with no enemies nearby for optimal gameplay for everyone. Otherwise prepare to receive a lot of angry DMs or players refusing to be revived. As always, once you’ve complete all the challenges above and earned the 15,000 XP bonus you will unlock this week’s reward which is a new weapon charm. These can be used across every weapons that allow charms, so no previous unlocks are required.

Every week on Thursday at 4:00am PT/6:00am CT/7:00am ET the Battlefield 2042 weekly challenges refresh, revealing a new weekly reward. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on when these rewards and weekly challenges drop, be sure to follow MP1st on Twitter, or keep a watchful eye on our guide page for Battlefield 2042.

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