How to Complete Magnum Opus and Get Forerunner in Destiny 2

destiny 2 forerunner

After you’re done getting through the introductory quest in Destiny 2’s Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, You can head to the social space in Eternity to claim the Magnum Opus quest from Xur. This quest is lengthy, but it awards you with one of the most iconic weapons in this entire DLC, Forerunner. This guide covers how to complete the quest as fast as possible so you can claim Forerunner as your own.

How to Complete Magnum Opus and Get Forerunner in Destiny 2:

Part 1 – Earn Strange Coins


The first part of this quest requires you to earn seven Strange Coins. You can get these by completing almost any activity, including Dares of Eternity, the new six-player cooperative activity in Eternity. We’d recommend playing through that a few times because you get two to three Strange Coins for each completion.

Part 2 – Complete Starhorse Bounties


The second part of this quest sees you completing Bounties for Starhorse. You can find Starhorse on the lover levels of Eternity’s social space. You can only hold one Bounty at a time, so choose wisely. Each one has two goals, one relating to killing enemies in a specific way in Dares of Eternity, and one relating to your score from the activity. Try to stick to the lower scored activities if you’re not sure whether you can pull these off, since they can be very challenging. You need to complete three of them to proceed, but you should be able to do this in three runs of the activity.

Part 3 – Get the Strange Key


For part three of this quest, you need to speak to Xur and buy the Strange Key from him. This should be available at this point in the quest, and won’t cost you anything.

Part 4 – Use the Strange Key


Now you need to use the Strange Key. A new door will open in the social space in Eternity, and it’s there that you’ll find some pink energy that you can step into. This transports you to the location that Dares of Eternity takes place. To use the Strange Key, head to the area with the triangular rocks to your right and interact with the prompt there.


This will inform you that a barrier has opened somewhere. Look across the location to see a tower in the cliffs. To the left of that tower is a small entrance in the rocks. You need to get inside and follow the path up through a series of jumping puzzles.


At the top, you’ll find a cryo pod that you can open. This gives you a weapon part, and the final step in this quest.

Part 5 – Visit Banshee-44


After speaking to Banshee-44, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with Forerunner. This is an Exotic sidearm that’s inspired by the Halo franchise. It has an extended magazine and range to make it just as lethal as the pistol from Halo that we all used as a sniper rifle on any enemies we could see.

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