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Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp

Trying to be a games journalist, dad, and master of Destiny 2.
4 Tips for Gambling Responsibly in GTA Online’s Casino News 1

News 1 Last year Rockstar Games released the biggest update for GTA Online to date, The Diamond Casino and Resort. Not only did the update add loads of new missions and replayable content to the game, it opened the first in-game casino for players to explore and send all of their hard-earned cash in. While the casino […]

Roblox Now Worth $4 Billion News 0

News 0 The online gaming platform Roblox has recently been valued at $4 billion, following a number of other milestones that show Roblox is only going from strength to strength. The most-recent of these is the $150 million in Series G funding that was raised for the platform, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Roblox is […]

Plans Show Bungie New Game Outside of Destiny by 2025 News 0

News 0 In a recent interview, CEO of Bungie, Pete Parsons, explained that Bungie is seeking to become one of the best entertainment companies in the entire world by the year 2025. As part of this plan, the studio will need to release at least one game outside fo the Destiny franchise by this time. A Bungie […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2019 Download Now Live, Links, File Sizes, Official Info Detailed News 1

News 1 The Playstation Plus free games October 2019 download links are now live. The games that are free to Playstation Plus subscribers for October 2019 are now live and available to download. We’ve got all the details about the games, including file sizes, official information, and download links. Here’s the trailer for this month’s Playstation Plus […]

Apex Legends Season 3 New Map and New Team Call Out Mechanic Revealed News 0

News 0 The Apex Legends Season 3 new map has been revealed, alongside some new mechanics that will make it easier for teams to help each other stay alert while surviving against everyone else. Check out the map below and read on for more details. The brand new trailer for Apex Legends Season 3 showed all kinds […]

New Tokyo Ghoul Trailer Shows Gameplay for Latest Entry in the Series News 0

News 0 The new Tokyo Ghoul trailer for Tokyo Ghoul: re CALL to EXIST shows brand new gameplay from the latest entry in the series. The trailer shows off which characters will be playable, those that will appear as bosses, and even some of the combat mechanics that will feature in the final release. Check out the […]

Rainbow Six Siege Change Operator Cheat Causing Havok News 0

News 0 A Rainbow Six Siege change Operator cheat is causing some serious issues within the Rainbow Six Siege community. The cheat is different to others that provide an advantage to players, because it can actively cause a disadvantage to an entire team by disrupting their abilities, and the way they complement each other. It’s common to […]

New Death Stranding PS4 Controller Functionality Revealed News 0

News 0 A new Death Stranding PS4 controller feature has been revealed by Hideo Kojima. He explained that, should they choose to do so, players will be able to hear BB, one of the characters in Death Stranding, through their Dualshock 4 controller. Speaking to fans on Twitter, Hideo Kojima posted four separate images of the limited […]

GTA Online Update Today Adds New Survival Series and Much More News 0

News 0 To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the game, Rockstar Games is bringing a new survival series in the GTA Online update today to players from now until October 2, 2019. This brings a bonus of GTA$1 million to anyone who plays during this period, as well as a brand new survival series with seven new […]

Police Investigating Overwatch Corruption Controversy News 0

News 0 Australian police are investigating Overwatch corruption controversy in light of several reports of corruption being made. In August Australian police arrested six Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players due to suspicions of match fixing. These players had allegedly made deals to throw certain matches, placing bets on those matches themselves. Now the situation has evolved as the […]

DayZ New DLC “Livonia” Brings a New Map and Much More News 0

News 0 Livonia, DayZ new DLC has been announced by developer Bohemia Interactive. The new map, and accompanying content, will come to the game across PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in the near future. Check out the trailer for Livonia below, and read on for more details. Livonia is a brand new map for DayZ, bringing […]

Ubisoft Reveals Ghost Recon Breakpoint Microtransactions, First Episodes Detailed News 0

News 0 Ubisoft has revealed what players can purchase with Ghost Recon Breakpoint microtransactions, as well as the content coming to the game in the first year after release. Ubisoft is well-known for having strong plans for post-launch content for all of their games, and it seems as though Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no exception. Check out […]

The Last of Us 2 Different Editions Revealed, Here’s What’s in Each of Them News 0

News 0 As part of their State of Play event for September 2019, Sony has revealed The Last Of Us 2 different editions that will be available when the game launches on the now-confirmed release date of February 21, 2020. Up until today the release date for The Last Of Us Part 2 was just a rumour. […]

Borderlands 3 DLC Characters Most Likely Not Happening, Title Has Shipped More Than 5M Units to Date News 0

News 0 During a recent Borderlands livestream Paul Sage, Director of Borderlands 3, told viewers that Borderlands 3 DLC characters probably won’t ever come because most players tend to stick to their main. By main Sage of course means that players stick to their favourite characters out of the four provided in the base game. Sage went […]

Anthem Store Update Today is the First for a Full Week News 0

News 0 The Anthem store update today for the 24th of September is now live. Last week on Friday there should have been a reset, but there wasn’t one. Today’s reset confirms that instead of two per week there will now be one per week moving forward, which we think is much more sensible. Check out the […]

New Guilty Gear Game Revealed by Arc System Works for 2020 News 0

News 0 Developers Arc System Works have revealed a new Guilty Gear game is in the works, set for release in 2020. The game was announced alongside a trailer, which details some of the characters and gameplay. Check out the trailer below and read on for more details. The new trailer was shown at the Tokyo Games […]

Gamers Can Now Get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access News 0

News 0 EA has announced that gamers can now get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access. Both of the subscription platforms haven’t had Anthem until now, and many EA fans have questioned why they weren’t able to play it through them when they can get everything else. Origin Access Basic or EA Access subscribers can both […]

Bethesda Announce Fallout 76 New Event – Project Clean Appalachia News 0

News 0 Bethesda has announced Project Clean Appalachia, a series of community events in Fallout 76 which will award every single player in the game for taking part. The events will award items such as exclusive cosmetics, Purveyor discounts, and a second round of the time limited event Meat Week. The story behind Project Clean Appalachia is […]

Anthem Store Update September 13, 2019 News 0

News 0 The Anthem store update for September 13, 2019 is now live. The Featured store has been restocked with new cosmetic items, and today it replaces Warps with Armor Packs for you to create brand new Javelin designs with. Check out the store below and read on for more details. Armor Packs The Apprentice: 61,000 Coin […]

Dragon Ball Z Karakot Release Date Confirmed as January 17, 2020 News 0

News 0 The Dragon Ball Z Karakot release date has been confirmed by Bandai Namco Entertainment as January 17, 2020.The game is the latest in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and will put players in the shoes of the character of the same name. In Dragon Ball Z Karakot players will take on the role of protagonist […]

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