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Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp

Trying to be a games journalist, dad, and master of Destiny 2.
Why Game Pass on Android Will Help Microsoft Conquer Mobile Gaming News 0

News 0 Earlier this week Microsoft announced that from September 15, it will be possible to stream all the games on Game Pass to your smartphone Android device. This is a huge chance to the service in two major ways. First, this is the initial move that Microsoft is making into game streaming. Second, this is Microsoft’s […]

Why Gambling is Integral to Red Dead Redemption 2 News 0

News 0 Red Dead Redemption 2 launched late in 2018, and was given a number of Game of the Year awards for that same year. Since then we’ve seen the launch of Red Dead Redemption Online, an open world where groups of players can get together and play like they’re living in the old west. It’s a […]

Hyper Scape’s Real World Future, Is It a Reality Check? News 0

News 0 Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s upcoming battle royale game. 100 Players drop into a virtual city with each match, and need to battle it out against one another in order to emerge as they only survivor at the end. However, the game’s setting might be cutting it a little too close to home for some people, […]

Far Cry 6 Leak Stars Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad News 0

News 0 Update Just as we published this article, Ubisoft took their destiny into their own hands and put out the following tweet. This is obviously an acknowledgement that the Far Cry 6 leak is real, and that the information found so far must be completely correct. Given this turn of events, maybe we’ll even see a […]

How Certain Practices Have Affected the Gaming Industry News 0

News 0 In the last few years, there has been an increased interest among mainstream society and legislative and regulatory bodies on the relationship between gambling and the AAA video game industry. Based on recent reports, the number of gamblers in the UK has quadrupled to over 50,000 in two years, and there’s sure to be a […]

A Short Overview of the Mainline Tekken Games From 1994 to 2020 News 0

News 0 The Tekken game series spans from 1994 to the present day, and has conquered most consoles in some way. The games have grown in both scope and character roster, and they’ve even gone beyond games if you can believe it. Tekken cosplay now exists. You can buy Tekken novels as well as printed adaptions of […]

Roguelike Souls Is a New Dark Souls Mod From Daughters of Ash Creator News 1

News 1 A new Dark Souls mod called Roguelike Souls has been doing the rounds lately, and it seems to completely change the base game in a way that very few other mods have managed. This mod comes from the creator of the revered Daughters of Ash mod, which restored lore to complete certain storylines in Dark […]

Is the Destiny 2 Cold Denial Ornament an Upgrade or a Downgrade? News 0

News 0 Destiny 2 has a huge number of collectibles for players to gather over the course of their time with it. One of the best collectibles out there are weapon ornaments, which act like special skins for certain weapons, and they have to be unlocked through quite a bit of work. One of these skins, the […]

How Mahjong Has Evolved to Permeate the Games Industry News 1

News 1 Mahjong is a game that seems to be everywhere. From tabletop board game versions and PlayStation 4 adaptations, to free Mahjong games that you can play online today. This game seems to be ancient, and many do believe that it is about 2,500 years old. But how did this game manage to make it into […]

This Destiny 2 Seasonal Mod Cheat Sheet Will Help You With Your Build News 2

News 2 Destiny 2 seasonal mods have been a part of the game since the launch of Forsaken. They’re a key part of every season, allowing us to get deeper into the customisation of stats within our armour and weapons, and truly tailor our Guardian to our play style. They can also be a nightmare to understand […]

Destiny 2 Charged With Light Bow Build Makes Le Monarque One Shot in PvP News 1

News 1 Destiny 2 Charged with Light mods have been around for a few seasons now. They allow you to consume a chunk of Light in order to activate hugely powerful buffs. Most of the time, these buffs are only useful in PvE, which is okay, but they’ve always been useless for those who prefer PvP. Until […]

What VR Gear Should I Have to Play Gonzo’s Quest VR? News 0

News 0 Gonzo’s Quest VR the Search for Eldorado is the world’s first VR slot game. It was prototyped in 2017 and launched in 2018, allowing anyone to access it using their VR headset. But the question is, which VR headset is the best to use to play this NetEnt slot game? Samsung Gear VR Samsung’s Gear […]

How Will the Brotherhood of Steel Fit Into Fallout 76? News 0

News 0 With the announcement of the 2020 roadmap for Fallout 76 came confirmation that the Brotherhood of Steel will be coming to the game. Now that Wastelanders has paved the way for human NPCs, it only makes logical sense for the most iconic army in the franchise to finally wade in. However, even since the launch […]

4 Tips for Gambling Responsibly in GTA Online’s Casino News 2

News 2 Last year Rockstar Games released the biggest update for GTA Online to date, The Diamond Casino and Resort. Not only did the update add loads of new missions and replayable content to the game, it opened the first in-game casino for players to explore and send all of their hard-earned cash in. While the casino […]

Roblox Now Worth $4 Billion News 0

News 0 The online gaming platform Roblox has recently been valued at $4 billion, following a number of other milestones that show Roblox is only going from strength to strength. The most-recent of these is the $150 million in Series G funding that was raised for the platform, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Roblox is […]

Plans Show Bungie New Game Outside of Destiny by 2025 News 0

News 0 In a recent interview, CEO of Bungie, Pete Parsons, explained that Bungie is seeking to become one of the best entertainment companies in the entire world by the year 2025. As part of this plan, the studio will need to release at least one game outside fo the Destiny franchise by this time. A Bungie […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2019 Download Now Live, Links, File Sizes, Official Info Detailed News 1

News 1 The Playstation Plus free games October 2019 download links are now live. The games that are free to Playstation Plus subscribers for October 2019 are now live and available to download. We’ve got all the details about the games, including file sizes, official information, and download links. Here’s the trailer for this month’s Playstation Plus […]

Apex Legends Season 3 New Map and New Team Call Out Mechanic Revealed News 0

News 0 The Apex Legends Season 3 new map has been revealed, alongside some new mechanics that will make it easier for teams to help each other stay alert while surviving against everyone else. Check out the map below and read on for more details. The brand new trailer for Apex Legends Season 3 showed all kinds […]

New Tokyo Ghoul Trailer Shows Gameplay for Latest Entry in the Series News 0

News 0 The new Tokyo Ghoul trailer for Tokyo Ghoul: re CALL to EXIST shows brand new gameplay from the latest entry in the series. The trailer shows off which characters will be playable, those that will appear as bosses, and even some of the combat mechanics that will feature in the final release. Check out the […]

Rainbow Six Siege Change Operator Cheat Causing Havok News 0

News 0 A Rainbow Six Siege change Operator cheat is causing some serious issues within the Rainbow Six Siege community. The cheat is different to others that provide an advantage to players, because it can actively cause a disadvantage to an entire team by disrupting their abilities, and the way they complement each other. It’s common to […]

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