Stray – Where to Find All Energy Drinks

stray energy drinks

MP1st is here to help you find all those energy drinks in Stray with this easy to follow guide. Here’s where to find all the energy drinks in Stray.  

To help you find them, we have prepared a easy to follow video guide showing all the energy drinks location. 

Stray – Where To Find All Energy Drinks

In total, there are four vending machines scattered throughout the slums, and players can collect these during the first part of the Slums or the second part. However, once you leave the Slums you won’t be able to backtrack unless you use chapter select. So if you are looking to complete as much without going back, be sure to find these to help complete every task in the Slums before leaving for the Sewers. 

Do note that there are no trophies are rewards for collecting all the energy drinks. However, you do need them in order to unlock every music sheet and memories in the game. With that said, here’s our video guide on finding all the energy drinks in Stray. 

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