20 Interesting Facts About Video Games

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Video games are an excellent way of spending time with friends and family. The beauty of video games is that it knows no age. As a parent, you can use video games to bond with your kids. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual video gamer, it’s always good to discover exciting facts about video games. The internet is quite resourceful when it comes to this, and you can also get access to experts like Paper Writing Pros who help you with your essay. 

Here are 20 interesting facts about video games no one told you.


  • Mortal Combat Didn’t Have a Name 


I bet no one told you that for the first six months, Mortal Combat didn’t have a name. This is one of the most successful fighting videos games today. A team of four developers created the game in ten months, and it was released a year later, on September 13, 1993; also known as mortal Monday. 


  • World of Warcraft is a Simulation


World of Warcraft was created to simulate real plagues in historical records.  Epidemiologists are using the data from the game to evaluate how people would react to a potential virus outbreak in the future. 


  • Sonic the Hedgehog was meant to be Sonic the Rabbit 


Yuji Naka’s original concept was a ball rolling through long tubes. The ball was later updated to a rabbit who could stop and pick things. However, the ears of the rabbit were too difficult to animate. 

The game needed a ball-like character who could easily roll through different levels. The rabbit picking up items would also slow down the game. Aoto Ohshima proposed a hedgehog over an armadillo because it could easily roll like a ball. The game was first called Mr. Needlemouse before the team settled for Sonic the Hedgehog. 


  • PlayStation 2’s Design was initially Atari’s 


PlayStation 2 has sold over 155 units since it was created. Its design was actually modeled after the Atari Falcon Microbox. When Atari went bankrupt, Sony bought the rights to the design. 

PlayStation 2’s startup screen had random towers and blocks that represented the game’s progress. The more you played, the longer the towers became, and more blocks appeared. The blocks represented your saved data. 


  • Tom Hanks had to campaign for the Role of Mario of Super Mario Bros 


You probably already know that Super Mario Bros was made into a movie. It’s the first video game to become a movie, and Tom Hunk had to campaign for the lead role. The execs at Nintendo didn’t think that Tom Hanks was popular enough to play the part. 


  • Capcom’s Street Fighter series Introduced the First Female Fighter 


Chun Li is the first female video game character in the history of video games. Her first appearance was on Street Fighter II: The World Warrior version that was introduced in 1991. Chun Li is an expert martial artist who’s also an Interpol officer. 

The game is about Chun Li seeking revenge for the death of his father in the hands of a crime syndicate leader. Chun Li is a popular Capcom character, and she’s appeared in all subsequent series. She’s also a character in anime films and Capcom spinoff games. 


  • Magnavox Odyssey was the First Gaming Console 


Magnavox Odyssey was the first gaming console introduced to the market back in 1972. It came with 28 games and went for $99. Magnavox was behind its release, but the commercial home video game console was developed by Sanders Associates. 

The video game console was initially intended for military training. It was a top-secret project funded by the government. However, on completion, relevant authorities realized that the console couldn’t quite work for military training. 


  • PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Facts


PUBG players set the world record as the most simultaneous video game players. PUBG records over 227 million players per month. Fifty million copies of the game have been sold globally so far.



  • Angry Birds was Developed on a Budget less than $70,000


Angry birds was developed on a low budget, and the 12 developers involved were actually working on other projects at the time. Rovio Mobile, the company behind Angry Birds, had initially developed 52 games, all of which turned out to be tragic fails. After Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile never looked back. 


  •  Candy crash got to Antarctica 


Everybody knows that Antarctica is the most secluded place in the world, but that didn’t stop Candy Crash, or did it?



  • Clash of Clans is the Most Protected Mobile Game 


Online games are prone to hacking but not Clash of Clans. It’s the most frequently updated game in the market.


  • George Yao Played CoC Round the Clock 


You’ve heard of diehard video gamers but none as dedicated as George Yao. He played CoC simultaneously on five iPads without taking a shower break for six months straight. This earned him thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.



  •  Every Character You Killed in Assassins Creed was a Real person


You heard that right. All Assassins Creed games ensure that everyone you kill while playing is a real person. In fact, the date of death and location of death are accurate. 


  • Nintendo’s Game Boy


Nintendo’s Game Boy was the most successful video gaming console of all time. The company sold over 100 Million consoles across the globe. 


  • GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V Map


GTA V Map is actually twice the actual size of New York’s Manhattan.


  • Mario Punch 


In the Super Mario game, Mario actually uses his hands and not his head to break the bricks. 


  • Shigeru Miyamoto is not allowed to Bike 


Nintendo does not allow the creator of Super Mario Bros to bike to work because his safety is too important.


  • Video Games Have Helped Cultivate a reading Culture in America 


American libraries use video games to encourage teenagers to go into libraries. More books are being checked out now as compared to the pre-video game era. 


  • Donkey Kong is a Revenge on Mario


The donkey in Donkey Kong is the pet Mario mistreated. The character kidnap’s Mario’s girlfriend to punish him.


  • Mario was named after Nintendo’s Warehouse landlord 


Crazy, right? Mr. Mario Segale is the name of the Landlord who owned Nintendo’s warehouse. 


  • Conclusion 


You’re now 20 video game facts smarter! Such amazing facts, right?