343 Industries Announces Halo 4 Global Championship

If you haven’t yet heard, 343 Industries is going big with their very own Halo 4 tournament this summer.

The Halo 4 Global Championship is a world-wide, free-for-all tournament that kicks off in Austin, Texas, on July 5 that puts a cash prize pool of $500,000 on the line.

“You can participate in a few different ways,” writes 343. “Aim your sights on this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) in Austin, TX, to participate in our Wild Card Tournament. Can’t make it? Join in for 5 weeks of online qualifiers! Each week, you’ll be challenged to complete at least 20 matches against 7 random players with the game type changing weekly. The top 6 players from RTX, plus the 4 winners from each week of online play, will receive an expenses-paid trip to compete in the Finals! Will you walk away with the $200,000 (USD) Grand Prize and Halo 4 Global Champion title?”

On July 15, Xbox Live participants will be able to enter a featured Halo 4 playlist where each week, a new game mode will be highlighted. You can check out the full schedule here. You will need a minimum of 20 matches to qualify and your average score will be determined as follows:

  • 1st Place = 8 points
  • 2nd Place = 7 points
  • 3rd Place = 6 points
  • 4th Place = 5 points
  • 5th Place = 4 points
  • 6th Place = 3 points
  • 7th Place = 2 points
  • 8th Place = 1 point
  • Disconnect = 0 points

Participants will also have the chance to win weekly prizes just by playing in the appropriate playlists.

Finals take place between August 30 and September 1 in Seattle, Washington where one winner will walk away with $200,000.

Check out the introduction video by Rooster Teeth.

[youtube id=”QdsgrwfFX3s” width=”618″ height=”378″]

To learn more and get involved, you can register here.

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