343 Industries Introduces the Halo 4 Interactive Guide, New Vehicles and Game Mode Revealed

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Halo Waypoint now has an interactive guide up for the upcoming release of Halo 4.

This well-presented guide is pretty informative with descriptions and details of the new War Games mode dubbed Extraction. Additionally, it describes two new vehicles that are the UNSC “Broadsword” and the Covenant “Lich.” Let’s hope the Broadsword becomes playable in the multiplayer.


New Vehicles

You can play around with the full interactive guide right here.

In other news, earlier today, Halo Waypoint tweeted this short clip with the quote, “I stood still, perched high above and looked backwards. I was caught between a hard place and a rock.” What do you think it could mean?

Only seven days remain! Sound off below for one of the most important games of the season!