343 Industries Wants to See You at a Halo 4 Midnight Launch

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Halo 4 is only mere hours away.

Soon, thousands of gamers – over 1 million who’ve pre-ordered, to be exact – will be popping Master Chief back into their Xbox 360’s for a chance to shoot, nade, melee and power-jump their way through hordes of alien scum once again, or duke it out in the seriously addicting multiplayer modes.

But before all that good stuff happens, there will be lines to be waited in – some very long. Many retailers across North America will, of course, be participating in a Halo 4 midnight launch and 343 Industries wants to see you there.

David Ellis, Spartan Ops designer at 343 wants you to film yourself at a Halo 4 midnight launch party and upload your video to YouTube as a response to this video below:

So, who’s getting ready to head out to a Halo 4 midnight launch?

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