Advanced Warfare is Activision’s First ‘Pure Next-Gen’ Call of Duty, Will Have ‘New Melee Mechanics’

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During video game publisher Activision’s most recent earnings call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg detailed a few of the effects a next-gen-focused development cycle will have on Sledgehammer Games’ recently unveiled Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare.

According to Hirshberg, first and foremost, fans should notice a significant increase in “visual and graphical fidelity and polish,” he said.

“[Advanced Warfare] is our first true next-gen – pure next-gen development where we have access to the new hardware throughout the development process, unlike Ghosts which was cross gen.”

“It’s allowed more time for experimentation, creativity, and iteration in the development process,” he added. “That lead to things like us adding some of the first new mechanics and core gameplay in the franchise in a long time – things like boost jump, and EXO strength, and new melee mechanics which we’ve also had time to test with our players to make sure that they resonate and will create a compelling and balanced gameplay.”

Earlier reports revealed that other EXO suit abilities also include boost-dodge techniques, slow-mo capabilities, grappling enhancements, and zip lines.

Hirshberg also hopes that Kevin Spacey’s performance in Advanced Warfare’s single player campaign, captured with “full performance capture technology that [Activision] revealed last year at DGC,” will will reach “iconic” status.

What sort of new “melee mechanics” would you like to see or think will be implemented in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?