Advanced Warfare Gameplay Clips Highlight New Scorestreak Modules and MP Medals

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A series of short Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay clips have been spotted on the game’s official YouTube channel, each showing off either a new Scorestreak Module or a new Multiplayer Medal that can be earned by killing enemies in a particular way.

With new tech and abilities in Advanced Warfare, you’ll find new ways to take out your enemies. The Death from Above and Terminated MP Medals are two examples of these, earned by killing an enemy while attacking from above, or getting the drop on someone with a Goliath Scorestreak, respectively.

The other gameplay clips show off a single Scorestreak, the Remote Turret, that has been customized completely differently through the use of different Scorestreak modules. It goes to show that while Advanced Warfare seemingly doesn’t offer as many Scorestreaks as previous titles, the ability to customize each one adds more variety than you might think.

Check out all four videos below.

Thanks to Redditor zVitiate for pointing these out.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches November 3.