Aliens: Colonial Marines PC Patch Adds Toggle For Filter Grain and Increased Security, Now Live

The latest patch for Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released once again for the PC last night.

Earlier, it was pulled just moments after it went live due to users experiencing issues such as the Bug Hunt DLC not being recognized and becoming unplayable.

Is now been re-released, but with the DLC issue fixed, and according to Gearbox’s community manager, Chris F., here are some of the changes you can expect to see once you download the patch:

April 9 Patch Notes

  • Added toggle for film grain filter.
  • Increased security to address cheats and exploits.

In addition, the folks over at Gearbox are also hard at work at trying to bring the promised hot fixes for Aliens: Colonial Marines that were mentioned during their panel at PAX East a couple of weeks ago to all platforms. They include more aggressive AI and tweaked difficulty.

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