All Call of Duty DLC Will Launch First on Xbox One, Ghosts ‘Will Be The Best Call of Duty Game Ever Made’

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Call of Duty fans on Microsoft’s platforms are getting the treatment once again.

“All DLC for Call of Duty will launch first on Xbox one,” according to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, who recently took the stage during Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox announcement earlier today, moments before the first showing of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Once again, Microsoft and Activision shake hands in what seems like a generation-long deal to bring Call of Duty DLC to Xbox users first, as has been the case during the entirety of the current generation of consoles (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3).

If past instances are anything to go by, Xbox One users can most likely expect extra Call of Duty content one month before PlayStation 4 and PC users. Of course, this only applies to extra downloadable content, and not the game itself. In the case of Call of Duty: Ghosts, this will also most likely apply to current-gen Xbox 360 users, who will get content one month earlier than PlayStation 3 users.

Excited for the next generation of Call of Duty, Hirshberg mentioned that fans have a lot to look forward to, saying that Ghosts will not only be the “most beautiful Call of Duty game [Activision has] ever made,” but also the “best Call of Duty [Activision has] ever made.”

You can be the judge for yourself by playing the game this November 5, or by checking out the first footage of Call of Duty: Ghosts right here, including a behind the scenes look at the game.