Amazon’s MMO Is About to Be Released – How to Farm New World Coin?

If you have not heard already, New World is just on the horizon, the long awaited MMORPG from Amazon Games. It was announced to be in development back in 2016 by the then called Amazon Games Studios. The wait is finally over after long prolongation and the game is set to be released on 31st August after a major delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Right now, the closed beta is up and running and there are literally hundreds of thousands of players testing it – everyone who made a pre-purchase was given access to the closed beta testing.

A quick rundown, New World is action-focused MMO that features faction-based wars, a rich, explorative, changing open world filled with quests, various treasures, and discoverable locations and settlements which can actually be conquered by the warring factions.

The game starts in the first zone called Windsward, which covers the first ten levels of the gameplay and then players jump into the world’s PvPvE mode, Outpost Rush. The choice of factions are: The Marauders, The Covenant and The Syndicate. Unlike WoW, trade between players can happen irregardless of factions. The game is rich with professions, ranging from Crafting (Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Cooking, Arcana and Furnishing), Refining (Smelthing, Woodworking, Leathercrafting, Weaving and Stonecutting) and the Gathering (Woodcutting, Harvesting, Mining, Tracking and Skinning). Players can skill and utilize all of the available professions, utilizing resources like tinder, flint, ores, minerals.

Just like gold in WoW Classic, the entire’s game economy is based around the New World’s game currency called “coin”. From training spells and abilities, gear upgrades to just about anything else in the game, coin is required. While many players would simply buy New World coin, farming it, it is not that hard at all:

Loot Everything. Just like any other MMO, looting and selling every item to the game’s vendors will speed up your coin collection in New World. It is worth mentioning since a huge chunk of the players would simply pick up a few items as gear upgrades from the loot and leave the rest aside. It is beneficial if a player learns to make a difference between tradeable, auctionable items like flint or tinder to set them aside – as more can be earned by selling these to other players than dropping them off in a vendor.

Complete Quests. As well as just any other MMO, one of the best “starter” ways to earn coins in New World is to complete quests. Every quest will earn you a number of coins and rewards, and the amount increases as you level up your character.

Craft Items and Sell Them. As well as selling and trading raw professional materials for Furnishing and Crafting professions. This is not doable right away, as some progression is required in order to skill up any kind of crafting or furnishing profession, but it can prove to be very worthwhile after level 10. As the game is new, there will be lots of low level players that will seek to purchase better quality gear, so weaponsmithing and armoring can lend you an extra coin.

Michael Scott

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