Anniversary Gifts to Surprise a Gamer With

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Looking for an anniversary gift for a gamer who already has an amazing gaming machine and a dedicated play space to enjoy it in, it can be challenging. A gift that improves this gaming area can be tricky if you are not a gamer yourself, but aside from a beer fridge, there are other ways to improve the gaming experience that they will be amazed that you are aware of.

Gaming accessories

Gaming technology is continually changing, so you are sure to find some element of their gaming set-up to upgrade, whether a new keyboard or a new set of headphones. If you are following the traditional anniversary gifts list, these are great 4th anniversary gift ideas. The traditional gifts for the fourth year of being together are flowers and fruit, while more modern gift ideas include linen, appliances and accessories.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is now available for what companies are calling “Home Entertainment Areas”. This means that lights can now be synced not just with your television, but also to what’s happening on your PC or Mac. This means immersive and reactive lighting, which changes according to what’s happening in the game being played. This means that lights can adjust, via a multi-screen set-up, to shift easily between screen use, games, music and video, enhancing the gaming experience.

New gaming chair

If they are still gaming on a standard office chair, it’s time for a change. Upgrade to a specific gaming chair where it is possible to adjust the angle of the base and the height of the chair, that has armrests that are not only adjustable by height, but also slide forwards and backwards, side to side and can even be angled inwards or outwards. Gaming chairs also offer good lumbar and neck support and a back that reclines up to 170 degrees. 

Improved audio via DAC and amplifier

An all-in-one high-resolution DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) and amplifier will improve the audio of their gaming experience. Simply plug the kit into the computer or gaming laptop via USB, and it is automatically recognised as being capable of producing 24-bit/96kHz audio. They can then plug in the headphones for high-resolution audio in compatible games. 

Gaming Conventions

If you are planning a summer vacation, surprise your partner with a ticket to a nearby convention.  There are dozens to choose from, including the award-winning Gen Con, the longest-running gaming convention in the world with more than 500 exhibiting companies from the game industry, award-winning authors and artists, costumed attendees and more than 19,000 events, a Family Fun Pavilion, and where you can witness the debut of exciting new games. Pax (Seattle) and Pax East (Boston) are the two largest gaming events in North America. There are also specialist conventions such as Aninmanga 2020 an anime and gaming convention in Pomona, California which focuses on Japanese popular culture, anime, manga, where you can also enjoy retro arcades, panels, competitions, performances, and more.

Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

A virtual reality (VR) gaming headset will take a gamers experience up to another level with stunning visuals and controls that allows the gamer to interact naturally,” she says. VR headsets are now available as portable all-in-one VR gaming devices that come with two wireless controllers and no longer needs to be tethered to a PC to function. This is also a great device on which to watch movies, which could be called a home theatre for your face.

Gaming subscription boxes

A monthly subscription to a box that is delivered to the door is the perfect gift for when the consoles not in use. These boxes contain good-quality gaming gear, figures, and souvenirs that to collect, as well as everyday items inspired by gaming videos. Loot Gaming is probably the most popular, sending collectables, apparel, and accessories. Perfect for the gamer who loves both classics and new releases.