Another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hands-On Event Has Allegedly Happened Again

modern warfare nuke gameplay

Before Call of Duty 2019 was officially known as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, word got out that multiple US athletes were invited to try the game out at a private event. Well, it seems this Modern Warfare event has happened yet again.

Over on Reddit, a user who goes by the name  PassiveIllustration, claimed that he was invited by a friend who got invited to play Modern Warfare multiplayer. It was 2v2, and first to six (I assume meant six kills) wins. The user also posted a pic of the event, which has now been pulled (along with his Reddit post).

Adding credibility to this user’s claims are pics of NBA Draft hopefuls who were invited to try the game out this week. Check out the tweet by CharlieIntel below where the players can be seen thanking Activison and tagging themselves as a “Call of Duty Partner.”

While celebrities being able to play games ahead of everyone else is the norm these days, what’s baffling here is, we still haven’t seen a second of multiplayer gameplay, yet athletes and such already have played it.

Is this smart marketing by Activision? Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, the Call of Duty brand is super well known at this point, and it already has a solid fan base. Could these athletes pull in more newcomers to the franchise? Let us know your thoughts below.

Hopefully, this means that we’re close to getting some actual multiplayer gameplay footage real soon.

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