Anthem Ban Slapped on YouTuber Permanently Due to Apparent Economy Exploitation


Well. here’s a new one, I think. YouTuber Gladd just got an email saying he got permanently banned from playing Anthem for apparently exploiting the game’s economy.

Before the game’s loot patch nerf patch dropped that lessened the Legendary and Masterwork item drop in Anthem, YouTuber Gladd constantly did “loops” around the open world farming chests which yielded Legendary and Masterwork items at a higher rate (drop rate was higher due  to BioWare’s own doing). Note that this method has been plastered online, and was even on the Anthem subreddit at a time.

Gladd says he livestreamed doing this for about a day, wherein he got thousands of people watching, and even made a video on how he got his gear. Him showing other people how to do the chest exploit is what he assumed is what got him banned. He also says that he repeatedly did  the Storm class ultimate exploit, which was present in the beta, and something he forwarded this exploit thing to the BioWare devs on Twitter, and doesn’t think that’s the cause.

Another thing he thinks might be the cause is by farming a boss, which is a bit weird if so, since boss farming glitches and whatnot have been present in games like Destiny, Diablo and the lot since forever.

What’s interesting here is, Anthem does not have a PvP (Player vs Player) mode of any sort, and has no in-game economy that can affect other players (item trading, Coin trading, etc.).

Gladd finishes by saying that he’s hoping this gets resolved soon since he does want to cover Anthem.

Do you agree with BioWare’s decision here or is Gladd not doing anything wrong since the game doesn’t have an actual economy and whatever items he farms can only be used for PvE? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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