Anthem Cataclysm Update for August 20 Now Live, Here Are the Changes

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Freelancers, there’s a new Anthem Cataclysm update that should be live as you read this! There’s the Castle Kelrik event now live, as well as a bunch of other challenges. This is a server-side update, so don’t expect to download anyting.

Anthem Cataclysm Update – August 20

Cataclysm “Echoes of Reality” Changes:

“Castle Kelrik” Event  – We added Diana’s Landing last week, and now you’ll have access to the 5th arena before going to challenge Vara. The Castle Kelrik event, located in the “New Dawn” District on the Cataclysm map, will have you trying to solve the puzzle of the 4 rooms, each containing a Shaper Relic. The catch? Two of the rooms have a field preventing access. Figuring out how to get in is up to you and your team.

Inversions Changes – You’ll have a new set of Inversions to capitalize on for some extra buffs this week. Get ready to make use of some of those longer range weapons.

  • Precision Operator: Snipers and Marksman Rifles deal increased damage.
  • Immunity Pack: Ammo pickups grant brief immunity to damage.

Seasonal Store Refresh:

War Chest: Support – Remember how you had a Masterwork or Legendary in every javelin slot exceptyour Support Gear? Know how that Windwall or Bulwark Point would just get obliterated on GM3? Well, now you can finally get those higher end Support items! In addition to the Melee Weapon War Chests (which are staying available in the Seasonal Store), you’ll also be able to spend your earned Crystal currency on new War Chests containing a random javelin Support piece. As a reminder, these War Chests allow you to trade in Crystals for a Masterwork item (with achance to roll Legendary). To be clear, War Chests are also the only way to acquire the lvl 66 MW and lvl 80 LEG gear.

War Chest: Melee Weapon – (returning)

Fragmenter Armor Pack (Ranger Javelin)

Wrap: Crystal Sky

Painted: Quartz Gemstone

Graphic: Shattered Sea

Graphic: Greed’s Glisten

Decal: Amethyst Warp

Decal: Jade Warp

Decal: Ruby Warp

Arrival Emote: Entry Roar (Colossus Javelin)

Emote: Just… Stop.

Daily Cataclysm Challenge:

Daily Cataclysm Arenas Challenge: Support War Chest – These challenges granted a Gear piece in week two, and now they will reward you with a Support piece (Masterwork with a chance to be Legendary) here in the Week 3 update. These can be repeated daily, so… take your vitamins and do your Dailies. (Since these are technically War Chests as well, they also roll as 66 or 80.)

  • Power of the Storm (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Storm javelin and be rewarded with one Storm Support piece War Chest.
  • Heart of the Ranger (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Ranger javelin and be rewarded with one Ranger Support piece War Chest.
  • Strength of the Colossus (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Colossus javelin and be rewarded with one Colossus Support piece War Chest.
  • Speed of the Interceptor (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Interceptor javelin and be rewarded with one Interceptor Support piece War Chest.

There’s a leaderboard refresh coming tomorrow as well, which we’ll post once it’s live.

Source: Reddit