Anthem Cataclysm Update Today – Here’s What’s in the Final Day of the Event

anthem cataclysm update today

True to their word, BioWare is ending the Cataclysm event in Anthem after today. Will we get a replacement event? I’m hoping we do, and it’s rolled out fast. But for now, there’s a new Anthem Cataclysm update today, and here’s what got fixed.

Anthem Cataclysm update today September 17:

Cataclysm “Echoes of Reality” Changes:

  • Arenas – The last event was added to the Cataclysm in Week 5, so you won’t need to learn any new ones this time. Now, it’s all about maximizing your runs and scores.
  • Inversions – You’ll have a couple of new wrinkles to contend with on Inversions this week:
    • Broken Magazine: Weapons have no spare ammo, but enemies drop ammo more often.
    • Running on Empty: Firing the last shot in a weapon’s clip increases all damage for a short time.

Seasonal Store Refresh:

  • War Chest: Ranger, War Chest: Interceptor, War Chest: Storm & War Chest: Colossus (Returning) – Each chest includes 1 Gear, Support or Melee piece for the javelin of that War Chest.
  • War Chest: Weapon (Returning) – Grants one item from the new pool of weapons (which include MW and LEG variants): Pulse AcceleratorsVolt Casters and Blade Slingers.
  • War Chest: Gear (Returning) – Grants one Gear piece for a random javelin.
  • War Chest: Melee (Returning) – Grants one Melee weapon for a random javelin.
  • War Chest: Support (Returning) – Grants one Support gear piece for a random javelin.
  • Also Returning to the Seasonal Store:
    • Fragmenter Armor Pack (Ranger)
    • Piercer Armor Pack (Interceptor)
    • Shatter Armor Pack (Colossus)
    • Shard Torrent Armor Pack (Storm)
    • Cameraman (Universal Emote)
    • Excited Come Here (Universal Emote)
    • Just… Stop. (Universal Emote)
    • Chest Pound Heavy (Universal Emote)
    • Wrap: Crystal Sky
    • Wrap: Neon Shard
    • Graphic: Shattered Sea
    • Graphic: Greed’s Glisten
    • Graphic: Gleaming Mantle
    • Graphic: Purple Spire
    • Decal: Emerald Wrap
    • Decal: Cobalt Warp
    • Decal: Amber Warp
    • Decal: Amethyst Warp
    • Decal: Jade Warp
    • Decal: Ruby Warp
    • Painted: Amethyst Gemstone
    • Painted: Quartz Gemstone
    • Painted: Diamond Gemstone

Daily Cataclysm Challenge:

  • Daily Cataclysm Arenas Challenge: Javelin War Chest – These challenges continue in the final week of the Cataclysm. Once again, these items within the Chests will be Masterwork (lvl 66) with a chance to roll Legendary (lvl 80). Each one of these can be repeated daily.
    • Power of the Storm (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Storm javelin and be rewarded with one Storm War Chest.
    • Heart of the Ranger (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Ranger javelin and be rewarded with one Ranger War Chest.
    • Strength of the Colossus (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Colossus javelin and be rewarded with one Colossus War Chest
    • Speed of the Interceptor (Daily) – Complete 3 Cataclysm arenas using the Interceptor javelin and be rewarded with one Interceptor War Chest.
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