Anthem Events Map for Free-Play Shows You Where You Need to Go

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If you’re playing Anthem, chances are that in between missions, you’re tackling Events in Free-Play mode. For those who want to make things easier in terms of going from one mission to the other, rejoice! Below, you’ll see the Anthem Events map that marks the important locations in Free-Play!

If you’d rather discover these things by yourself, refrain from check out the map. Otherwise, go check out the Anthem Events map (thanks to Reddit user del_tango):

According to map maker, “I have marked it as spoiler to avoid spoiling for free-lancers who enjoy self-exploration and discovery. This map was made as a guide to help with the challenge and avoid flying aimlessly. Additionally, it is by no means an exhaustive map, because I might have been biased and explored more of certain region(s). Please feel free to let me know which events I’ve missed by posting a screenshot of the event icon on the map so that I may update the map. Thank you!”

In other Anthem news, the loot changes made by BioWare are now live! There’s also a patch released earlier today, which you can read about here.

We also posted a compilation of the Legendary and Masterwork items in the game for you to peruse, too!

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