Anthem Icetide Update for the Week

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It might be a little late to hit the site, but the Anthem Icetide update for the week is already upon Freelancers, and here’s the lowdown. This is week six of Icetide, and same as before, expect a store update, and there’s even a little story by BioWare, too.

Anthem Icetide Update – Week Six

This week, The Temple of Scar returns as the next weekly Stronghold with its two unique challenges: Deep Freeze (Daily) and Frostbite (Weekly).

Store Refreshes

These are the store refreshes for this coming week.

Seasonal Store

War Chest: Legendary Component5000
War Chest: Legendary Weapon5000
War Chest: Legendary5000
War Chest: Legendary Ranger5000
War Chest: Legendary Storm5000
Wrap: Crystal Sky4000
War Chest: Legendary Interceptor5000
War Chest: Legendary Colossus5000
Graphic: Harmonic Crest1500

Featured Store

14 Jan 12PM UTC to 17 Jan 12PM UTC
Wrap: Iced Striker61,000850
Wrap: Skeletal Spectre61,000850
Decal: Frosted Assault6,000200
Graphic: Feral Cold23,000475
Painted: Geometric Sun12,000300
Thank You12,000300
17 Jan 12PM UTC to 21 Jan 12PM UTC
Recon Armor Pack61,000850
Dreadnought Armor Pack61,000850
Ballerina Twirl23,000475
Leather: Dragon Skin12,000300
Graphic: Frozen Drifter36,000600
Decal: Desolation6,000200

There’s a new Anthem-related story now as well. You can read the “Troublemaker” Icetide lore story to get a deeper look into the life of Rythe and how she balances “work” and life.

BioWare has also mentioned that they are looking into some issues related to tracking quests and currency, and once they have an update, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Reddit