Anthem Loot Changes After Latest Patch Made Things Worse, Community Upset

anthem loot changes

Just yesterday, BioWare released a massive Anthem patch (1.0.4) that not only fixed technical issues, but also touched on gameplay balance, as well as loot changes.

Unfortunately, it seems the Anthem loot changes made after the latest patch hasn’t gone over well with the Anthem community. Over on Reddit, user Dredgen1994 posted a quick breakdown on how the Anthem loot changes made things worse.

  • Stronghold bosses no longer guarantee masterworks, just received 4 purples from the monitor on GM2. Get ready for everybody to start leaving at the boss again!
  • Teammates can now pick up your loot for you, so your inventory is constantly getting filled up with blues and purples and you don’t get the satisfaction of being able to pick up your own drops.
  • Half the items in freeplay and stronghold chests have been replaced with embers. That’s a pretty shady stealth Nerf. Could be a bug, regardless, it needs to be fixed

A hotfix or another client update needs to go out ASAP to fix this, because this is horrible.

Currently, the post is at over 6,300 upvotes, with multiple people chiming in and agreeing with the complaint.

You can read more reactions from the post right here.

For those currently playing Anthem, has BioWare made the loot drops worse with the recent patch or are people overreacting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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