Anthem New Weapons From the PTS Detailed, Here’s What’s Coming

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While we’ve already posted some of the upcoming armor sets and skins coming to Anthem, we now have something much more meatier! Below is the list of Anthem new weapons that are now in the PTS (Private Test Server), which means that Freelancers will be able to get their mitts on it very soon!

Check out the list below courtesy of Reddit user xJVIayhem, which includes their function, basic stats and of course, what they’re called.

Lighting Rod – Volt Caster Type 1

“Calls down Lightning on a specific location”

Charge to launch a Projectile (similar to a sticky grenade) that calls a Lightning Strike. Can Detonate Combos

Flashfire – Volt Caster Type 2

“Fires a Lightning attack that jumps from Enemy to Enemy”

Function as a beam weapon that fires chain lighting.

Jarra’s Wrath – Volt Caster Type 3

“Blasts a Short range arc of lightning”

Short range arc that only Prime with Electric status. No damage.

Gravedigger – Pulse Accelerator Type 1

“Fires an Increasingly powerful stream of energy”

Beam type weapon, after firing ~2 seconds, does more damage. Deals Fire Damage.

Bad Omen – Pulse Accelerator Type 2

“Charges to Fire a burst of Energy projectile”

Charge to fire 5 projectiles in a burst.

Rainmaker – Pulse Accelerator Type 3

“Fires an Energy Burst that explode into smaller projectiles”

Functionally a energy shotgun with slightly more range

Razorwing – Blade Slinger Type 1

“Launches a heavy blade that bounces between targets”

Fires a bouncing blade that with bounce around between enemies dealing damage with every hit.

Shard Storm – Blade Slinger Type 2

“Launches experimental crystal projectiles across the immediate area”

Fires a Slow moving AoE that deal damage over time while enemies are in the radius.

Riza’s Ripper – Blade Slinger Type 3 Image

“Fires a Barbed blade that inflicts ongoing Shrapnel damage”

Fires a blade that sticks to a surface or enemy is repeatedly deals damage.

Let’s hope we get these new weapons soon. There’s no specific time or date for a patch, so it can be anytime from this week, to sometime in the next quarter.

For more on the PTS, check out gameplay of the Cataclysm event here.

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