Anthem PTS Update Rolled Out and Here Are the Changes, New Survey Released

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Those playing Anthem on PC, and is testing things out in the PTS (Private Test Server), you might have noticed a new Anthem PTS update has been rolled out by BioWare. The studio has made some bug fixes and changes, as well as listing the known issues.

Known Issues

  • Javelin Specific Challenges – Currently these show no rewards under the challenge, but you will be awarded with a warchest upon completion.
  • Challenge Rewards – Upon completing a challenge, you won’t always immediately see the item you’re rewarded. At the end of expedition screen, the way to tell if you’ve gotten a challenge reward is by looking at the item level. A reward from a challenge will be either 66 for Masterwork, or 80 for Legendary.
  • Seasonal Store Icons – The seasonal store currently has placeholder icons for many of the items you can purchase with crystals. Players will need to hover over each one to see what the contents are before acquiring.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Echoes of Reality Tutorials now appear in the tutorial section of the Cortex
  • Fixed an issue where challenge scores were not matching the score in their description
  • Fixed the beams that were turning the fields on and off in the Crucible of Astrid arena in the Cataclysm
  • Fixed an issue where the strategic objective was not displaying while in the Cataclysm
  • New Exotic Weapons can now be salvaged in the Forge
  • Elemental damage now displays correctly in the forge for new exotic weapons (All Volt Casters + Gravedigger + Shard Storm)
  • Exotic weapons now show up in vault
  • Fixed an issue with crystal rewards not being correctly awarding by the final score
  • Daily Challenges are now functional with rewards

Also of note, a new Anthem survey has been released as well, though it seems it focuses on PTS stuff, too. Nonetheless, if you want your voice to be heard, fill out the survey here.

Speaking of the PTS, we’ve rounded up all the new items hitting the live game based on the PTS! Check that out here.

Source: Answers EA