Here Are All the Anthem New Items Coming in the Cataclysm Update


While BioWare hasn’t exactly been in a sharing mood when it comes to Anthem, those playing the looter shooter has one big event coming up, and that’s the Cataclysm, which is available in the PTS (Public Test Server). If you’re curious about the Anthem new items coming to the event, then read on.

Currently, there are 33 new items on the PTS, which will be rolled out into the game once the Cataclysm update (whenever that is). Here’s what we know so far (via Reddit user aqua19858):

9 Masterwork/Legendary Universal Guns – 3 of each of the 3 new types (Volt Caster, Blade Slinger, Pulse Accelerator), all with unique effects and visuals. Images and details here.

8 Masterwork/Legendary versions of Existing Support Gear – 2 for each class, upgraded versions of existing ones with unique abilities.


  • Berserker’s Cry (Battle Cry): Additionally increases Melee Ability
  • Surging Shield (Shield Pulse): Additionally regenerates shields through damage while the effect is active


  • Slayer’s Furor (Target Beacon): Marking a target also marks additional enemies near that target
  • Voice of Courage (Rally Cry): Revives nearby downed allies.


  • Tarsis’ Last Stand (Muster Point): In addition to gun damage all damage in increased.
  • Vanguard’s Rampart (Bulwark point): Provides temporary charges for (Ability 1) [+200% Charges]


  • Howling Veil (Wind Wall): Detonates a Combo explosion on expiration.
  • Anthem’s Grace (Quickening Field): Additionally Increases gear damage while in the field.

8 Masterwork/Legendary Melee Weapons – 2 for each class, 1 being an upgraded version of the base melee weapon and the other being a brand new variant of the opposite kind (primer vs detonator) with a different/added elemental effect.

8 Masterwork/Legendary Variants of Existing Abilities – 2 for each class, 1 for each slot, add interesting new effects to existing abilities, along with different stats and newly priming and/or detonating (Yes some of them do both).

That’s a lot of new stuff, right? Let’s hope that this Cataclysm update will be enough to reinvigorate the game and then some when it’s finally released. If you’re curious how it’s looking so far, go watch gameplay right here.

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