BioWare Says They Will Never Intentionally Make Stealth Changes to Anthem

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While developers rolling out patches for games these days is considered big news given how many fixes, tweaks, and adjustments are in it that affect gameplay, there are times when a developer won’t divulge exactly what they did just to see how players would react, or even if they’d notice the changes.

Don’t expect that to happen in Anthem. Over on the Anthem subreddit, user Bistoory posted that hopefully, BioWare won’t pull any stealth nerfs, controlled RNG, Coin drops nerf or anything of the sort, and referenced the time when players found out how Bungie has been throttling XP in Destiny 2, or how Bethesda made stealth nerfs in Fallout 76.

According to Lead Producer Ben Irving, the studio will “never intentionally make stealth changes,” and their goal is to continue to be transparent.

Our goal is to continue to be transparent. We will never intentionally make stealth changes – as we get our patch note process locked in for launch it’s possible we miss things, we will try very hard not to but we hope you give us the benefit of the doubt if something goes live without an appropriate message to the community 🙂

This very reassuring news to hear, no? Let’s hope BioWare can stick to their promises.

In other Anthem news, the Anthem short film directed by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is now out, and it looks fantastic!

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