Anthem VIP Demo How to Redeem Code and Download, Full Demo Schedule With Start & End Times Revealed

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If you’re hyped to try out Anthem well before its February 22 release date, chances are you’ve pre-ordered the game in order to be part of the Anthem VIP demo wave. While those who pre-ordered digitally won’t have to jump through hoops in order to gain access, some might be wondering just what the code given by retailers and by EA is for, since it can’t be used on the PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live.

Thankfully, we’re here to help! In an email, EA outlined just what to do with your 16-digit code! Once you get your Anthem VIP code, here’s the next few steps:

You can use this code across any platform by visiting  and sign in using your EA Account information.

  • If you don’t have an EA Account, click Create your EA Account to make one.
  • On the next page, press “Redeem Code” and enter the VIP Demo code you received.
  • You’ll now have access to the VIP Demo site. Click How to Play and then pick your platform.

You can preload the game from the 23rd of January, and be ready to play on the 26th of January.

Got that? Good. Now, for those wondering what time they’ll be able to play the Anthem VIP demo after pre-loading on the 23rd, we have the full Anthem demo schedule for both VIP and public demos! And yes, this includes the start and end times, too.

Here’s the official Anthem demo start and end times straight from EA’s Community Manager (via EA’s Answers help site):

  • The VIP Demo starts on January 25th at 9:01am PDT (4:01pm UTC) and ends on January 27th at 6pm PDT (3:00am UTC).
  • The Open Demo starts on February 1st at 9:01am (4:01pm UTC) PDT and ends on February 3rd at 6pm PDT (3:00am UTC).

The launch will be simultaneous for all regions.

For everything Anthem, go bookmark our Anthem game hub, as we’ll be reporting on every little tidbit of info we can find. Make sure to check back on MP1st as we gear up for the VIP demo, which we’ll be diving into with videos, an impressions piece and more.

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Looking forward to this one….!!

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Looking forward to this one!.!.!.!

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