Apex Legends Login and Connection Issues Happening Right Now and It’s Not Just You

apex legends update

Trying to connect o Apex Legends but can’t? If so, don’t panic! It’s not just you! It seems there’s an issue with the game’s connection, and it’s affecting a lot of people.

Over on Twitter, the official Apex Legends account has confirmed the Apex Legends login issue, though they’re already working on a fix.

We are aware of login/connection issues reported for Apex Legends and currently investigating. Sorry for the issue and working to get you folks back in the game.

Given how there are literally millions of people playing Apex Legends everyday, it’s not surprising that these things happen.

Don’t forget to check out the new items and fixes rolled in with the game’s latest patch. We also posted a new report revealing two new Legends that might be coming to the game and their abilities.

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