Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event Kicks Off Next Week

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection

Respawn has announced the next Apex Legends Collection event, and it’s kicking off next week on July 25! The Apex Legends Neo Network Collection event will start July 25 and last until August 8. Check out the trailer and more info about it.

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event Details:

  • Track Down Nodes – Legends will drop into the Node Tracker battle royale takeover to find and hack into Hammond’s servers to earn loot and compute nodes.

  • Unleash the Radiant Raver – Players can visit the Reward shop and use those Nodes to unlock cosmetics, including the Loba Epic Skin “Radiant Raver” and additional Battle Pass levels. Spending Nodes will also progress you through the story.

  • Valkyrie’s Prestige – If players unlock all 24 cosmetics before the event ends, they will automatically be rewarded with Valkyrie’s Prestige Skin, “Apex Interceptor.”

We might be getting a patch with this event, but we suspect we won’t, as yesterday’s patch for bug fixes more than likely included the data for it. If we do get one, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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2 months ago

Glad the developers continue keeping the game updated and provide continued support, very excited for next week.

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