Apex Legends New Stories From the Outlands Features “Fight Night”

Apex Legends New Stories From the Outlands

Last week, EA themselves accidentally leaked an upcoming Apex Legends event called “Fight Night.” It’s officially official now! In a press release, EA has shot out an Apex Legends new Stories From the Outlands video feature, and yep, this one is called “Fight Night.”

Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully – not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

Per the press release:

Pathfinder learns about his mysterious creator and why the Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity (MRVN) designated scout zips around the Apex Games. In this neo-noir trailer, Pathfinder is joined by ex-officer turned security guard Victor Maldera to take on Malta City’s elite task force, and take down Alexander Nox — also known as Caustic.

Chances are, Fight Night will be our first event for the game once 2021 rolls in. Once we know more details, we’ll let our readers know.

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