Apex Legends New Update Rolled Out via Server- Side, Dev Tracker Announced

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Check out the Apex Legends patch notes and more for July 16, 2019!

While Respawn Entertainment released a patch for Apex Legends just a few days ago, the studio has rolled out an Apex Legends new update via the servers (no download necessary) and it’s live now! Check out the list below.

Apex Legends new update (server-side):

hange to Disruptor Rounds Hopup

  • Reduced the shield damage multiplier from 2.26 to 1.7. It’s a minor tweak while we evaluate the full weapon meta next week.

Change to Location-Based Daily Challenges

  • For now we have removed location based Daily Challenges as we’ve seen them have a negative impact on the game. Players will still get 3 Daily Challenges.

Leaving Penalty in Ranked:

  • We have temporarily disabled the leaving penalty in ranked as we discovered some bugs we want to squash. That said, we will reserve the right to doll out penalties to players that abandon Ranked matches while we address it.

Twitch Prime Loot: Some tips for those encountering issues.

In addition to that, the studio has also released an Apex Legends dev tracker as well. According to Respawn, this is a new way to introduce visibility on some of the bigger issue reported by players. Respawn will be updating this every week, and expect to hear more about it as well/

Apex Legends dev tracker (Trello)

Did you notice any other improvements or tweaks that might not have been listed by Respawn? Let us know below.

Source: Reddit

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