Apex Legends Down on PC and Consoles, EA Investigating (Update)

apex legends down


The official EA Help account has announced that they are seeing improvements across services, and the team is still working to restore everything back to normal. We’ll post an update again once we have them.

Original Story:

In case you’re logging in to Apex Legends and want to play some Season 3 goodness, you can’t, or rather, you’ll have a hard time as it’s Apex Legends down worldwide and yes, this affects consoles and PC.

The official EA Help account has acknowledged that all EA titles are experiencing issues, which we’re sure Battlefield 5 is currently suffering from.

The last update from EA said that they are still working on bringing everything back to normal, and once they do, we’ll update the post.

Overall, it seems the total Apex Legends down time has been two hours and counting. While some might be able to connect, it’s with horrendous lag, and no one wants to experience that, right?

The official Apex Legends subreddit have even made a thread about it as well, which you might want to check out too.

We tested it now on PC, and yep, still can’t connect. Once we have more news to share, we’ll update the post.

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