Apex Legends: Respawn Has Been Able to Grow “Every Metric,” Out to “Protect Players” Says EA

Apex Legends Cross-Progression

Given how much love Respawn Entertaainment has given to Apex Legends, it’s not that surprising that it’s a major success. Not only is it raking in the big bucks for EA, but it also has blasted through their data, too.

In EA’s latest earnings report, EA was asked about the success of Apex Legends, and the publisher answered that it has grown in “every metric” the company has.

Alexia Quadrani (JP Morgan) Hi, thank you. Can you elaborate on the success, the tremendous success you’ve seen in Apex Legends? I mean is it a core group of players playing the game more and more season after season? Or have you notably expanded the player bases well?

Andrew Wilson (EA CEO): I would say as we look at the data on Apex Legends, we have seen from season to season, what the Apex Legends team have been able to do is grow pretty much every meaningful metric around the business. The amount of players, the amount of time players spend, the amount of connections players have in the game, the amount of touch point the players have and of course revenue generation from that growing player base. I think as we project forward, what they have done from the very beginning is ensure that they always protect the gaming community, but they’re very close and listen to the gaming community offering what that community wants, the day to day retention is off the charts for free to play game and that’s why we are confident in projecting future growth around both the existing base and then of course Apex Mobile.

In the same report, EA mentioned that life-to-date, Apex Legends has earned over $1B in revenue foor the publisher.

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