Apex Legends Season 7 to Be Called “Elevated,” New Legends Leak

apex legends season 7

While Apex Legends fans are still deep into the Halloween festivities in the game, Respawn Entertainment already has new stuff lined up and some of it just got leaked! Based on the leaked images, Apex Legends Season 7 will be called “Elevated,” and will feature a new legend!

Thanks to reliable Apex Legends dataminer Biast12, a bunch of images showcasing Season 7 has surfaced, which includes new legends! There’s one named Horizon (who seems to be the one we’re getting in Season  7), Valk, Fuse, Blisk, and placeholder images for characters named Pariah, and Gunzerker!


As you can see, the character models for Pariah and Gunzerker are actual dummies/placeholders for now. Unless Respawn makes a drastic change, don’t expect all the leaked legends here to be released in Season 7, as the studio typically releases one legend per season.

Why do we think Horizon is the one set for release in Apex Legends Season 7? Well, given she’s appearing in matches currently, I suspect Respawn has a reason for that, no? Here’s an image of her in a match (provided by DANNYonPC):

There’s also the mention of Clubs in the leaked images, which looks like the big new feature coming to the game in Season 7.

Important to note: same as with any other leak, none of the info/images above have been confirmed by EA or Respawn and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt. Once we know more info regarding Season 7, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

There’s a new Stories From the Outlands coming in later today as well, so stay tuned for that, as the hero featured there will be the one we’ll see in Season 7 most likely.

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