Apex Legends Server Issues Will Persist Through the Weekend

Apex Legends Server Issues

While Respawn Entertainment just launched the Evolution Collection Event for Apex Legends this week, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the game. Not only did the game run into some downtime the day of the update, but there are still on-going Apex Legends server issues that are happening now.

Apex Legends Server Issues – September 16:

According to Respawn, they are expecting the problems to require work over the weekend, which means players must be ready if they can’t connect to matches and so on.

An update on ongoing issues with @playapex stability: We’re ramping up our server capacity today and have some scheduled fixes for tomorrow. However, we believe some problems will require work through the weekend. Sincere apologies—we’re working as quickly as we can on a fix.

Hopefully, this won’t be an on-going issue this weekend, and is resolved right away. We’ll be updating this post, or report on whatever update is happening as more info becomes available.

If you’re able to play Apex Legends, or not able to connect to matches, feel free to leave a comment below to let your fellow legends know which region/area is having issues, and on what platform.

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