Apex Legends Datamined Files Mention Rocket Launches and Titans

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With Apex Legends set in the Titanfall universe, some might be wondering whether we’ll ever see actual Titans in the game. Well, it seems that might be happening soon, or it was an idea scrapped by Respawn before launching the game.

Spotted by GamingINTEL, datamined files reveal via audio references for an Apex Legends new weapon, and even actual Titans! You know that AI voice that tells you when the ring is closing in or a care package has dropped? There’s a recording of her voice in the game saying, “Caution: Titanfall approaching battlefield.” This is for when an enemy Titan is called in. Now, if you’re the one who called the Titan in, the in-game announcer will utter the familiar words of “Standby for Titanfall,” which should be super familiar for Titanfall players.

If you think that the current loadouts for Legends are ill-equipped to deal with Titans, you’d be right. Also found in the files is a rocket launcher weapon. Check  the image below, and it’s next to “energy_ar,” which stands for Energy bullets Assault Rifle, which we all know now as the Havoc.

While these could be for a new game mode or something, remember that Respawn has already addressed datamined info earlier this week, claiming that some of the stuff found are from an old build, or were features/ideas Respawn took out.

Would you want to see actual Titans in Apex Legends? Or would that mess up the game too much?