Apex Legends Update 1.000.017 Rolled Out for Fixes This August 22 (Update)

Apex Legends Update 1.000.017

Apex Legends update 1.00.017 has just been released by Respawn Entertainment on all platforms. This should alleviate some of the bugs players have been experiencing in the game such as players not getting the correct rewards when leveling up and more. Read on for what’s new in the Apex Legends update patch notes.

Apex Legends Update 1.000.017 Patch Notes:

Update: Respawn has released the official patch notes, which we’ve listed below.

August 22 Patch

  • Players occasionally unable to upgrade weapons in Arenas
  • Collecting a banner when wearing the Seer Heartthrob and Rampart Wastelander skins causes a crash
  • Vantage cannot use KO shield when knocked while using her tactical jump
  • Vantage range indicator disappears after respawn

Note that Respawn has confirmed that the leveling up issue has still not been fixed with this update.

For now, Respawn has not released the patch notes for today just yet, though we’re expecting that to change soon. In the meantime, here are the known issues acknowledged by the developers, with the primary issue being players not getting receiving the correct rewards when leveling up. Respawn has also said that a fix is incoming “next week” which is this week.

We’re currently investigating an issue that popped up with yesterday’s launch of Hunted preventing @PlayApex players from receiving the correct rewards when leveling up

We’ll provide an update in this thread as soon as we have one. Appreciate your patience with these new changes

Quick update for you, legends: We’re still working on this one but were able to identify the cause and are aiming to roll out a fix next week. We’ll keep you updated when we have an exact day for the patch and thanks again for being patient with us here.

There’s also an issue regarding missing tokens, coins and other UI bugs that surfaced last week as part of the Hunted season roll out too.

In addition to that, here are the issues being tackled by the dev team (via the official Trello board):


  • Some players are not receiving Prestige level-up rewards.
  • [VISUAL ONLY] Non-BR tasks for Challenges showing negative values in the Match Summary
  • Banner incorrectly displaying players in “Rookie” Rank when they are not.
  • Players at certain ranks not receiving the correct ranked rewards for certain seasons.
  • Reports of players not receiving coins after purchase.

Fix Coming in Future Patch:

  • Game crash caused by picking up teammate’s banner while having Seer’s Heartthrob or Rampart’s Waistlander skins equipped.
  • Some crafting material bins can cause a crash when collecting them.

Once Respawn releases the official patch notes, we’ll update the post.

Update: We’ve update the post to reflect the official patch notes.

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