Apex Legends Update 1.000.043 Released This July 19

Apex Legends Update 1.000.043

Apex Legends update 1.000.043 is now out on all platforms, and once again brings fixes to the game. Read on for the issues the studio has tackled (and is investigating) in the Apex Legends patch notes for July 19.

Apex Legends Update 1.000.043 Patch Notes | Apex Legends Patch Notes for July 19:

Here’s what’s new per Respawn:

-Being unable to spawn on control points in Control (and reenabled this mode) 📍
-An issue using Tridents as Fuse and Rampart 👀
-A crash caused by Stickers ⛔
-Some Gun Run matches requiring more than one knife kill🗡️

In addition to that, here’s the list of known issues the studio is looking into via the official Apex Legends Trello board.


  • Playing at 165+ FPS may cause stuttering during some gameplay scenarios
  • [Windows 7] With DirectX11, game crashes upon launch
  • [Firing Range] Aim assist doesn’t work on all dummies
  • Support Bins not awarding Mobile Respawn Beacons when ally is dead
  • Crashes referencing FS_CheckAsyncRequest when loading into a map.
  • Legends may rotate when exiting a Trident.


  • Tridents can enter a glitched state where they avoid most damage
  • Button prompts may not appear on summary/death screen, including report button – but buttons still work!
  • [Control] Players are occasionally unable to spawn on any captured zones—mode temp removed
  • Enabling “Clamp Mouse Cursor to Game Window” causes mouse cursor to be invisible
  • [Broken Moon] Inconsistent OOB trigger on Production Yard Roof

Once a new update is pushed out, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Respawn (Twitter)

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2 months ago

Hope I can stay in a game without it crashing because this season is full of that and it makes it impossible to play sometime because when I get kicked to the dashboard it makes me delete my saved data before I can rejoin the lobbie and takes me outta the match

2 months ago

Honestly they need to just stop the game for a solid month go over all the bugs and fix them all games been out for what 4 years or so now they still have to fix issues 247 soon my storage gonna be full from.just this one game on god bout to delete taking up so much space

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