Apex Legends Update 1.68 May 11 for Gameplay Fixes

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While legends just got the big Apex Legends Legacy patch last week that atteacted so many players the game couldn’t even handle it, Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends update 1.68 May 11 patch, and this brought in a host of new fixes.

Apex Legends Update 1.68 May 11 Patch Notes:

According to Respawn Entertainment, there are two patches on the way today! One is client-side (which is this patch), while another will be a playlist update.

Client-Side Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an error that was preventing players from logging in (“Array index 1 is out of range”).
  • Arena Matches will now end if there are no players left on the enemy team.
  • Arenas should now track “time survived” more consistently.
  • Arenas should no longer display the “Apex Legends” screen transition with incorrect textures sometimes.
  • Fixed low detail player models in the lobby. Goodbye derpy blob Legends, you will be missed.
  • Valkyrie’s passive no longer highlights players that are not alive and/or in spectator mode.
  • Bloodhound will no longer be able to see tracking markers for Valkyrie while she’s using her jet pack. This is a temporary measure done to improve stability — we’ll look to restore this in a future patch.
  • Addressed an error with the Stats page which was triggered by switching back and forth between Arenas stats and Battle Royale stats.
  • Valkyrie bundle promo image now properly directs players to the in-game store.
  • General stability improvements.

The server-side playlist update is out in “late afternoon” (PT) and will include the following:

Once we get wind of the next patch, we’ll let our readers know.

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