Apex Legends Update Today July 21 for Exploit Fixes

Apex Legends Update Today July 21

It looks like Respawn Entertainment has sprung an Apex Legends update today July 21 server-side patch, and this takes out a game exploit and more! Note that this is a server-side patch, and requires no download from the player, and they will “get” this patch installed once they connect to the game’s servers.

Curious what got changed? Read on.

Apex Legends Update Today July 21 Patch Notes:

Earlier today we released a small @playapex
patch that…

Removes a Sentinel fire rate exploit
Restores the “Frag Out” banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart
Speed Boosting” (an exploit that let you lunge far forward quickly)

Good luck on your drops, Legends!

That’s about it.

In other Apex Legends news, Respawn has released the latest Stories From the Outlands trailer featuring the latest upcoming legend, Seer! The full reveal of this new hero will take place tomorrow at EA Play Live! So make sure to check back then.

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