Ark Survival Evolved Down This March 28, Studio Wildcard Investigating

Ark ps plus

It seems players are having issues connecting to the official network of Ark Survival Evolved, as Ark Survival Evolved down reports have surfaced this March 28, and thankfully, Studio Wildcard is aware of it.

Ark Survival Evolved Down March 28 Status Update:

Here’s the acknowledgement by Studio Wildcard:

The team is investigating connection issues across all platforms on the Official Network.

Hopefully, this gets resolved soon. If you’re able to connect to the official servers, let us know which platform you’re on, and where you’re located to let other Ark players know.

Outside of the server outage, the latest development in Ark has been the beginner server wipe that happend just a few days ago!

Beginner servers have been wiped clean on all platforms! The next wipe will happen on May 20th.

Beginner servers are wiped periodically to help provide a fresh beginner experience for new players. Join by searching “Beginner” in the server browser! #playARK

Make sure to stay here and check back regularly, as we’ll be updating the post throughout the day.

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