Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.75 Released for Bug Fixes This February 11

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.91

Studio Wildcard has released the Ark Survival Evolved update 2.75 patch, and this seems to be for consoles only. Given how this patch has been rolled out after the big Love Evolved 3 title update a few days ago, it’s logical to assume that this title update is for fixes only. Read on to check out the Ark February 11 patch notes.

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.75 Patch Notes | Ark Survival Evolved February 11 Patch Notes:


Current ARK Official Client Version: v700.5

Current Version: v700.5 – 02/11/2022 – Minor version for clients

  • Fix for client crash when viewing remote inventories with a hoversail item/engram

While this fix doesn’t seem to be out for PC, it did get a patch yesterday, Feb. 10 for the Epic Game Store version.

Current Client Version: v343.12 – 02/10/2022 – Minor version for  clients

  • Fixed issue with not being able to start Ragnarok in singleplayer (EGS Only)

That’s about it. We’re keeping an eye out on things, and if there are more fixes rolled out, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you’re doing the Love Evolved 3 challenges, head on here for the schedule, rates, chibis and more.

Source: Survive the Ark

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