Atari VCS Release Date Set for June 15

After three years since it’s original announcement, the Atari VCS finally has a release date! What’s more, the release is just under two weeks, and is set for June 15!

Announced today via press release, Atari unveiled that PC/console hybrid gaming system, the Atari VCS will be releasing on June 15. Best Buy, GameStop, Micro Center, and the official Atari VCS website will all have the console available to purchase directly from their online store, with each retailer having their own launch day promotions.

“The day that many eager Atari fans have been waiting for is almost here,” said Michael Arzt, COO of Atari VCS and Connected Devices. “The Atari VCS has been well-received by our early adopter community, and we are thrilled that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy everything that the platform has to offer today, and as we roll out more and more new content and features in the future. We also deeply appreciate the strong support of our retail launch partners, including GameStop, Best Buy, and Micro Center during this exciting time.”

Retailers Launch Promotions:

  • Gamestop – Free Atari Speakerhat ($129.99 MSRP)
  • Bestbuy – Free Atari Speakerhat ($129.99 MSRP)
  • Microcenter – Free digital copy of Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged.
  • Atari VCS Website – Free digital copy of Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged.

Every system will come with a copy of the Atari VCS Vault, which features 100 arcade and Atari 2600 classics. Additionally, there will also be free access to Antstream Arcade, a cloud based streaming service that features the world’s largest collection of licensed retro titles.

And with this being marketed as a hybrid between PC and console, owners can also enjoy the built-in Chrome browser and Google’s Workspace apps, along with a number of supported TV streaming apps all at launch. The crazy part is that there is a optional PC Mode that allows the full installation of either Windows or Linux, allowing you to turn the Atari VCS into a mini-pc! Talk about freakin’ awesome.

This is all being powered by AMD’s Ryzen processor, allowing full 4K resolution, with 60fps and HDR support. The console is also equipped with onboard and expandable storage options, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as USB 3.0 support. Not bad given the size of the box.

All this will retail at $399 (all-in-one package) with the option to buy the console alone (no controllers) at $299.

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