Attendees Of Sony E3 Theater Experience Get A Free Gift After The Show

For those lucky enough to attend the Sony E3 theater showing will be happy to know that you’ll be getting a free gift following the event.

What is this gift you ask? Well we won’t know until the show is over, sadly, as the option to redeem the code VIA their website states to come back after the conference. The code is found on the backside of the pass. The image below, of course, doesn’t show the backside for obvious reasons.




Sony has never held a live theater event, so it’ll be interesting to see what exactly they are offering to attendees. Seems like it’ll most likely tie-in with some announcement not yet made, or perhaps linked to PS Now as the E3 PS4 application is offering gamers codes. Despite the two images above having Destiny characters, reports on NeoGAF have stated that there are different characters such as Batman on the back.

Source: Reddit

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